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BBQ Guru Sponsored Teams

BBQ Guru Fans far and wide love to compete, and win, with precision on their side.

  • 3 EYZ BBQ

    3 Eyz BBQ

    Dan Hixon - Pitmaster

    Owings Mill, Maryland

    Dan Hixon – Pitmaster / President Jason McNew – One Eyed Jack of all Trades Tracy Hixon – Marketing Director / Head of Security / Shipping Dept Will Cannady- Runner / Photographer Wayne Tucker – Moral Support / Patron Provider

    3 Eyz BBQ started out with Dan and Jason deciding to compete against the professionals on the KCBS BBQ circuit. Dan blames his addiction (errrr…. Hobby) on having an adult beverage and watching a competition on TV. Jason got sucked in simply since he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The team formed in 2005 after getting beat badly at a tailgate competition in Bel Air, MD. While sitting on a curb afterward Dan & Jason decided to call the team “3 Eyz” as they only had 3 eyes between them. The following year, they entered their first competition in Salisbury, MD and got first place chicken and 10th place pork! From that point on, they both knew they were hooked. A few (150+, who’s counting) competitions later and the team is still hooked. So hooked, that 3 Eyz BBQ, LLC was formed and is a successful spice rub business.

  • Aporkalypse Now

    Aporkalypse Now

    Michael Fay - phone 703-346-0036 Email -

    Springfield, Virginia United States

    After BBQ’ing for nearly 20 years and being involved in all facets of competitive BBQ over the past several years Michael Fay decided to take the plunge and give competitive BBQ a try. The whole goal of this endeavor is FUN. Meeting people, making new friend and experiencing new settings to cook in; oh, winning is nice too. Aporkalypse Now was formed in 2010 and in it’s short span has won 7 Grand Championships, 11 Reserve Grand Championships and been invited to and participated in both the American Royal and the Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Championships. In 2014 Aporkalypse Now was the 19th ranked team in the Country (out of over 4,000) and was the Mid Atlantic BBQ Association Team of the Year.

  • BBQ Beer Buddies

    BBQ Beer Buddies

    Mike Peeler, Anthony Parisi

    Deptford, New Jersey

    The BBQ Beer Buddies are a BBQ competition team. They have been competing since 2005. The team consist of Mike Peeler, Anthony Parisi, and friends and family.

  • Big Ugly BBQ

    Big Ugly BBQ

    Chris Hall

    Perryville, Maryland

    Family run competitive BBQ team, and some assorted catering for friends. Mission: To make folks happy thru BBQ

  • Bourbon & Blues BBQ

    Bourbon & Blues BBQ

    Pitmaster JP Parran

    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Pitmaster, JP, grew up in Prince Frederick, MD and is a US Army veteran. His wife, Colleen, is a native of Hershey, PA and is a returned Peace Corps volunteer. They currently live in Wilmington, NC and love to listen to live music, travel and BBQ. First introduced to competition BBQ in 2010, they soon became certified BBQ judges. Bourbon & Blues BBQ started as a concept in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2022 that they took the leap to start competing. In May 2022 they cooked at their first KCBS Backyard competition—the West Virginia BBQ Throwdown in Ripley, WV—and were hooked. They’re off to a great start in the 2023 season! After the first three competitions of the season, Bourbon & Blues BBQ has captured two 1st place chicken calls including a perfect 180 at the Atlanta BBQ Store Classic, a 1st place ribs call and their first Grand Championship at the Lakeland Pigfest in Lakeland, Florida in January 2023.

  • Bringing the Heat BBQ

    Bringing the Heat BBQ

    Andrew Ahrens

    St. Louis , Missouri

    Andrew Ahrens grew up in Webster Groves, MO. It was during his highschool years the he started BBQing with the neighbor for a school fundraiser, and realized how much he liked to cook. This love for cooking pushed him to pursue his passion.

    About Bringing the Heat BBQ

    Bringing the Heat BBQ smokes all their meat to satisfy.

    All of their menu items are made from scratch that will be the hit of any event.

  • Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    Farm Grove , Pennsylvania

    Mark Gibbs

    The Checkered Flag 500 Competition BBQ Team was started in 2012. We are a professional BBQ team that competes in sanctioned events throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our plan is to expand our reach in 2013 to compete in competitions in other areas as well!

    Checkered Flag 500 pitmaster Mark Gibbs has always had a love for great BBQ. A few years ago Mark found out about the world of competition BBQ watching the TLC series, BBQ Pitmasters that featured teams traveling across the country and competing in sanctioned BBQ competition events that paid off in trophies and cash! Mark knew that this was something he wanted to be a part of and jumped head first into his first competition at Galvinell’s Grillin’ and Chillin’ in April of 2012.

  • Christmas City

    Christmas City

    Tom and Stacie Feil

    Bethlehem , Pennsylvania

    It all started back in 2005. Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pa advertised a BBQ contest in the local paper to come out and show you were made of real BBQ material. At the same time, thad a friend who said he would do the cutting and welding if they wanted to build a whole hog cooker that they had been talking about. As they looked into this sanctioning body, the Kansas City Barbeque Society, I became more interested in cooking this contest. The hog cooker morphed into a trailer mounted reverse flow, similar to a Meadow Creek or a Lang. They had been bbq’ing for a number of years in the backyard and thought they could stand beside the big boys, or at least give them a run for their money. Enter the Contest!! After that they were hooked. In the beginning, they had 4 to 6 people taking shifts tending the fire all night long.

  • Curly Tails

    Curly Tails

    Anthony Sutton

    Dallas, Georgia

    BBQ Team out of Dallas, Georgia.

  • Diva Q

    Diva Q

    Danielle Dimovski

    Ontario, Ontario, Canada

    Diva Q® Danielle Dimovski. Host of BBQ Crawl -Travel Channel, Travel & Escape & Cottage Life in Canada. BBQ Pitmasters & American Grilled! BBQ Company. BBQ Consultations Demos, VIP Catering, Private corporate team building events, Competition, TV & Media, TV Personality

    Mission: Life is too short for bad BBQ!™

  • Finn's Finest BBQ

    Finn’s Finest BBQ

    Brian Ferguson and Megan Ferguson

    Middletown, Delaware

    Established in 2010, Finn’s Finest BBQ is a family run competitive BBQ team and catering company located in Middletown, Delaware. From the start, our focus has been to integrate our award-winning, competitive BBQ flavors into our real, backyard barbecue BBQ recipes. What we’ve created is a menu of succulent BBQ dishes that will have you craving more. Past performances have earned us invitations to the most prestigious BBQ contests in the world, including The Jack Daniels World Championship & the Sam’s Club BBQ Tour Nationals. With the support of some of the most well known companies in the BBQ industry, our food is proven to be the best in the area.

  • Flying Pig BBQ

    Flying Pig BBQ

    Flying Pig

    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    No matter where you are from, everyone has their opinion on what makes great BBQ. Whether it’s Texas style brisket, Carolina style pulled pork, or Memphis and Kansas City style ribs, they all have a one thing in common. BBQ is one of the greatest foods that Americans are passionate about. At The Flying Pig BBQ we believe great BBQ starts with great meat, great rubs and spices, and smoking meat over real organically certified hardwood fires. From there the sauces, sides and extras can be added, but the basics have to come first and can’t be substituted or shortcuts taken.

    Come see us soon for some of the best BBQ in Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma, or even better let us cater your special event. We can help with something as small as take out or full service catering. If we can’t provide it, we will help you find the resources so you don’t have to.

  • Great White Smoke BBQ Co

    Great White Smoke BBQ Co

    Dave White

    Bloomington, Indiana

    19 grand championships
    17 RGC’s
    100’s of category calls
    Dozens of ancillary wins
    2019 King of the Q series champion.
    2021 #1 Food Truck in America
    2021 BBQ Warrior Grand Champion

  • Heavenly Hawgs

    Heavenly Hawgs

    John A. Ley, Jr

    Perry, Georgia

    With years of trial and error in the backyard under our belt we took our proverbial BBQ show on the road in February 2011 by entering our first competition. We took the leap from backyard chefs to professional cooks. We have learned a wealth of tips and tricks that have helped us gain a huge following of friends and fans! We look forward to keeping everyone updated as to our competition schedule and will even share a few tricks of the trade, so stay tuned.

  • Hot Wachula's Sauces

    Hot Wachula’s Sauces

    Matt Barber

    Bartlow, Florida

    HOT WACHULA’s Founded in 2001, by Award Winning Pitmaster Matt Barber as an all natural gourmet sauce company Hot Wachula’s was recognized on NBC’s The Today show as a trendsetter in the zesty food industry and won numerous tastes awards across the country for our line of salsas, jerk marinades, bloody mary mix, grilling and hot sauces.

    Currently we are available at gourmet retailers across the USA. Hot Wachula’s products are made with all natural ingredients. No preservatives, no thickeners and no added flavors. Just the best ingredients we can find.

  • Lo'-N-Slo' BBQ

    Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ

    Tom and Michele Perelka Competition BBQ Team

    New Providence , Pennsylvania


    6 Time PA Grand Champions 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Local Smoke BBQ

    Local Smoke BBQ

    Steve Raab -

    Cookstown, New Jersey

    Local Smoke BBQ started as a competition BBQ team named Fat Angel BBQ in 2007, cooking at contests throughout the Northeast. After a very successful inaugural season, in which they won Rookie of the Year honors, they opened Local Smoke BBQ, our full-service catering company. Local Smoke BBQ quickly became one of New Jersey’s most popular BBQ caterers and in 2011, opened its first two BBQ restaurants.

    Thier competition BBQ team has represented New Jersey at contests all over the country including Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada and in almost every state from Virginia to Vermont. They have collected over 100 awards including 4 New Jersey State Championship titles. Other highlights include 1st place in Ribs against 488 teams at the American Royal BBQ contest in Kansas City (which is also known as the World Series of BBQ) and 1st place in Brisket at the National BBQ Festival in Douglas, GA.

    Local Smoke BBQ specializes in off-premise BBQ catering and has catered events from fifty people to thousands. All menu items can be customized to fit your needs and Local Smoke is available to cater all types of events, including weddings, corporate events and luncheons, pig roasts, tailgate parties, graduation parties, yacht club parties and other large events.

    They invite you to visit Local Smoke BBQ to enjoy our authentic, award winning BBQ served up in New Jersey!

  • Moyers Competition BBQ

    Moyers Competition BBQ

    Scott Smith, Melissa Moyers, Bill Perkins, Jeremy Moyers, Case Moyers, Tim Thomas, Don Adams

    White, Georgia

    Moyers Competition Bar-B-Q Team is a Championship Bar-B-Que team based out of White, GA.


    3 Grand Championships
    7 Reserve Grand Championships
    7 individual 180 category scores
    2 time 700 club members

  • Must Be Smokin' Somethin

    Must Be Smokin’ Somethin

    Chuck Gardner

    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

    Founded in 2009
    Competition BBQ Team and Catering
    Brisket, Chicken, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Red Coleslaw, Potato Salad

  • Old Virginia Smoke

    Old Virginia Smoke

    Pitmaster - Luke Darnell Others - Kimberly Darnell, Leigh Anne Terry

    Bristow, Virginia

    Luke began cooking barbecue 9 years ago on a Brinkmann electric bullet and then got the fever. After several years and several smokers later, he had the opportunity to join a competitive barbecue team, Smoke Dreams BBQ. And, rather than just joining and learning the ropes, Luke went out and bought a Weber Smokey Mountain right out of the gate.

    Two years were spent under the tutelage of SmokeDreams BBQ Pitmaster Kirk, learning the ins and outs of competitive BBQ.

    2013 was Luke’s first year as the Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke. It was a fun year, with Old Virginia Smoke earning the Middle Atlantic BBQ Association Rookie of the Year award for 2013.

    In addition to BBQ, he also plays guitar with Leigh Anne in a two person acoustic group called Sweet Tea Blues, plays soccer, and is one hell of a dancer.

  • Pigheaded BBQ

    Pigheaded BBQ

    Ron Templeman -

    Middletown, Delaware

    100% Family Competition BBQ Team and Caterers based out of Middletown, DE. Members: Ron & NormaTempleman, Ron Templeman (v2.0), Mike & Trina Sadgwar, Brian Milito and Stephanie Sadgwar. We primarily compete in DE, MD, NJ and PA.

    Awards: 1st Place Chicken- Middletown 2011, 1st Place Ribs- New Holland 2011,1st Place Dessert- Middletown 2011, 1st Place Chicken & Ribs- GAP 2009,1st Place Chicken GAP 2010,1st Place Chef’s Choice-New Holland 2009

  • Rescue Smokers

    Rescue Smokers

    Robby and Stephanie Royal

    Sycamore, Georgia

    Robby& Stephanie Royal are the RESCUE SMOKERS from Sycamore, GA. Cooking professional BBQ since 2007, with 22 Grand Championships and 12 Reserve Grand Championships. We cook events throughout Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. We cook every style of BBQ in Georgia. We are only one of two teams that I can think of over the past 3-4 years that can say they have won GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS in four different sanctioning bodies completing the BBQ Grand Slam! We have Grand Championships in the Georgia BBQ Association(GBA), Memphis BBQ Network(MBN),Kansas City BBQ Society(KCBS), and Florida BBQ Association(FBA).

    Our BIGGEST wins by far are the 2014 BBQ Pitmasters Grand Championship on Destination America and the 2013 Big Pig Jig(MBN) in Vienna, GA., the 2008 &2010 Georgia BBQ Association State Championships, as well as being the 2010 Georgia BBQ Association Team of the Year!

    Have been using BBQ GURU products since 2007, only the BEST baby. Rescue Style!

  • Small Axe BBQ

    Small Axe BBQ

    Dan Denny

    Portland, Oregon

    2022 marked there first year competing in BBQ, started in the SCA in 2021. Competed in two different sanctioning bodies, the KCBS, and the PNW BBQ Association Received 22 top 10 calls, including six 1st place calls (Ribs 4x, Pork, Chicken), scored over 700+ twice and had one perfect 180 (chicken). Good enough for two GC’s, one RGC and an invite to 2022 Jack.

    2022 AWARDS
    Grand Champion x2 (Icebox Challenge & Warrior BBQ Battle)
    Reserve Grand Champion (Hudson Bay Heritage Days – DuPont)
    KCBS 700 Club x2 (Icebox & Hudson Bay)
    KCBS 180 Chicken (perfect perfect) (Hudson Bay)
    23 Top 10 calls
    1st Place Ribs x4
    1st Place Pork
    1st Place Chicken
    1st Place Steak (SCA)

  • Smoke Me Silly

    Smoke Me Silly

    Consists of Husband and Wife team Robert Vanderipe and Lex Vanegas.

    Madison, Alabama

    Smoke Me Silly Competition BBQ Team out of Madison Alabama

  • Warren County Pork Choppers

    Warren County Pork Choppers

    Donny Bray, Pitmaster

    Bowling Green, Kentucky

    We’re racking up championship trophies and gaining national recognition doing what we love to do. Check us out at our next competition!


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