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Control Unit



Control Grill Temp Yes Yes
# of Food Probes 1 Up to 3
Open Lid Detection Yes Yes
Ramp Mode Yes Yes
Light Ring No Yes
LED Temp Display Yes Yes
Display Scanning No Yes
Timer No Yes
Food Done Alarm Yes Yes
IOS and Android Bluetooth App No Yes
Email and Text Notifications No Yes
WiFi and ShareMyCook No Yes
Voice Control No Amazon Alexa
Smart Cook Yes Yes
Max Temp 475 475
5-in-1 Versatile Guru Mount No Yes
°F or °C Yes Yes
Visual Fan Running Indicator Yes Yes

Food Probe
High quality digital food temperature thermocouple probe that is inserted in your food that measures the internal temperature.

Open Lid Detection
Feature that detects if you open the grill’s lid, which causes large temperature fluctuations. This smart feature helps to compensate for it, preventing unwanted temperature spikes.

Ramp Mode
When enabled, this mode identifies when your food is approaching your desired “food done” temperature and shuts off the fan, helping to prevent your food from overcooking.

Light Ring
The DynaQ and UltraQ are equipped with a patent-pending Status Light Ring feedback system. The ring changes colors according to the pit temperature, and will pulse showing fan activity, or flash for warnings.

Display Scanning
The “Q-Tail” on the UltraQ’s Status Light Ring employs an innovative Display Scanning feature. The Q-Tail will illuminate in one of four colors, one at a time, and display the temperature of each digital temperature probe.

Bluetooth App
The DynaQ and UltraQ connect to your phone’s BBQ Guru app via Bluetooth, so that you can monitor and control your cook right from your pocket.

Wi-Fi and ShareMyCook Connectivity
The UltraQ can connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With the companion Guru website, you can graph your cooks and recipes and then share them online with friends, family, and fans.

Voice Control
With an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you can control and monitor your control with just the sound of your voice.

Smart Cook
Choose your ideal SMART COOK settings, and the fan’s variable flow rate will automatically adjust, customized to the size and type of grill.

5-in-1 Versatile Guru Mount
Set up your control in five different ways with the versatile Guru Mount. You can now place your DynaQ or UltraQ on virtually any surface, or even nail it into wood or concrete, giving you the ultimate accessibility to your temperature controller.