BBQ Bob’s Buttery Garlic Brisket

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BBQ Bob's Buttery Garlic Brisket

Check out this mouth-watering brisket recipe using BBQ Bob’s NEW buttery garlic seasoning. Freshen things up for your friends and family with these savory flavors.

BBQ Bob’s Buttery Garlic Brisket

Time to Prepare

1 hour 15 minutes

Estimated Cook Time

8 hours


12 people


  • 12-15 lb Brisket
  • Spray olive oil
  • 3 oz. BBQ Bob’s Mad Maddie’s Steak and Burger Seasoning
  • 3 oz. BBQ Bob’s 7 Bones Beef Rub
  • 1 can Campbell's beef consommé


  1. Set cooker to 275°F indirect
  2. Use Pecan Wood for smoke (about 3 chunks)
  3. Trim the brisket removing any heavy fat or discolored meats from the edges
  4. Spray the brisket down on all sides with olive oil spray
  5. Shake about 3 oz. of Mad Maddie’s Seasoning on the brisket
  6. Shake on about 3 oz. of 7 Bones Beef Rub
  7. Let sit for about 1 hour
  8. Cook indirect at 275°F for approx. 5 hours or until the internal temperature is 170-175°F and the color is a medium mahogany color
  9. Wrap in 2 layers of heavy-duty foil and pour in the can of beef consommé
  10. Wrap tight and place back on the cooker until the internal temperature reaches about 200°F to 205°F (Use this temp as a guide - check for buttery feel or tenderness with a skewer or meat probe)
  11. Allow 2-3 hours rest in a Cambro or dry cooler.
  12. Slice across the grain and serve