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Make it Meaty 1 Gallon Pack

Make it Meaty 1 Gallon Pack

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ONE INJECTION, ANY MEAT Make it Meaty is a dry mix designed specifically to enhance competition barbecue, naturally, without adding any unwanted flavors. Its proven combination of commercial-grade enhancers brings out the best in meat without any artificial taste or aftertaste. It's subtle, but effective. Our blind taste-tests with focus groups preferred Make it Meaty every time. Mix it with water, inject or soak, and see immediate improvements in taste, texture and appearance. Make it Meaty is designed for barbecue, but it works just as well on Thanksgiving turkey or anytime you want to elevate your cooking. Make it Meaty works on all meats, because it has no flavor of its own. What it does is make the flavor you already have come to life. Make it Meaty improves texture by locking in natural juices. It boosts flavor with proven enhancers, giving judges more in that “one bite”. Make it Meaty works with your existing spice blends, bases and the other flavor profiles you've developed. It's clear, too, so never any streaking! Never tried injecting? Maybe it's time to start. Make it Meaty is available in three sizes: 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon packages