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Fab B 16 oz

Fab B 16 oz

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Fab B Meat Enhancer for beef

It's not a rub. It's not a spice. It's not a seasoning at all....It's FAB!

FAB adds additional layers of natural beef flavor, it also enhances flavors, and it retains natural juices.

Remember when meat had real flavor?

FAB brings back that flavor through innovative use of select ingredients and flavor enhancers, matched in perfect balance. FAB enhances the natural flavor of meat, but it doesn’t overpower it. FAB complements and fortifies the natural meat flavor. FAB'ed meat “tastes meatier”. Simply put, FAB makes meat taste like it should, like used to...but there’s more to FAB than flavor. FAB also improves the texture of meat, making it juicier, more tender and easier to slice. FAB increases yield, too, by as much as 10% or more. By helping to retain the natural juices of meat, FAB locks in flavor.

FAB Meat Enhancer improves the flavor, texture, moisture, and yield of meat so it tastes the way you remember it! Great for all cuts and grades, especially roast and barbecued meats. One pound of FAB is enough for about 3-5 briskets.